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R.A.D Sicherheit service Bonn

This former seat of government, now home to the international offices of many federal states and leading companies, is one of the German cities which most often makes use of our security service. Our physical proximity and decades of experience mean we attract a highly diverse range of jobs and assignment types. So our security experts are not just deployed in the areas of personal protection, conference security and hotel security. They are also responsible for complex issues related to company security and annual general meetings in Bonn.

We perform tasks such as:

  • Escorting and transporting dignitaries from the worlds of business and politics
  • Bodyguarding and personal protection for individuals who are exposed or under threat
  • Traditional surveillance services and site security, door security and reception services The personnel and equipment that we use, and the appearance of our trained employees, are carefully discussed with the client prior to the deployment.

R.A.D Sicherheit can plan, design and deliver security services in Bonn and the surrounding area for:

  • Large public events of a visual and/or audio-visual character
  • Trade fairs, conventions, meetings and conferences, public or internal

R.A.D Sicherheit Bonn references

Sample projects and references for the Greater Bonn area

  • World Congress Center Bonn, formerly IKBB and formerly Bundeshaus Bonn
  • MARITIM hotels in Bonn and Königswinter
  • Beethoven Hall, Brückenforum, Rheinaue/Gronau and Rigalsche Wiese
  • Pützchens Market and many municipal projects, for example relating to the Bonn Carnival

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