We are RAD Sicherheit.

We currently employ 70 full-time German Security Officers. Our personnel are highly skilled and understand the nuances of safety and security for all projects of any size. With a wide variety of staff, we aim to select operatives that match your specific requirements, whatever plans you have in mind for your project.  Our security staff are given personalized training and development so that they can meet the growing needs of clients and projects within Germany and further afield. Experienced trainers and external experts perform these tasks for different deployment areas. In-house training courses, in parallel with development and/or full-time employment in our company, particularly cover areas such as prevention, de-escalation, protection against violence, and hazard control. Doctor Carsten Brunner und Doctor Siegfried Wolf, Vice-President of the Baden-Württemberg Karate Federation and an 9thDan, are accomplished trainers in this field. In addition, our team receive training in collaboration with the German Security Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK).

Our Trained Staff Are Professional and Intuitive

We provide our operatives with in-house training so that they are well-equipped to deal with numerus issues. Besides receiving ongoing expert guidance, our operatives have exceptional personal so called „soft skills“. Many of our staff are multilingual. They will always maintain a smart, controlled, professional appearance and demeanor, and exercise discretion and compassion at all times – making them an ideal choice when you are looking for a high class security company in Europe.  The average age of our personnel is 35 and our operatives are both sensitive and very resilient. Where possible we recruit operatives with more than one specialty; for example: security guards who are trained rescue workers or who have a fire-safety certificate or training. In addition, our operatives recognize that as well as staying safe, guests and attendees must be respected, and assured of a pleasant and memorable experience.

Our team also includes specialists in searching for and detecting conventional and improvised explosive devices (IEDs). Our security services are complemented by crowd managers who specialize in detecting mood swings in the major events sector, and in de-escalation and dispersal.